What to do when you have a car collision

We’ve all been there.  Driving along in your car and suddenly the driver in front of you stops short and causes you to jam on your brakes. You’re not in time and the car skids – stopping only after it hits the other car.

Or, you’re driving along and suddenly you hear an insect buzzing inside your car.  You try to swat at it before it stings you.  You’re distracted and you suddenly realize you are going to hit the car beside you.  You try to brake but you aren’t in time to avoid a car collision.

Or, it’s a rainy night and you take a turn a bit too fast. The cars swerves into a guard rail or tree.

Or, you are in stop and go traffic. The driver behind you is distracted and suddenly you lurch forward as your car is hit in the rear.

These are just four of thousands of circumstances surrounding a car collision.  If you experience one, the most important thing to do is to make sure that everyone is safe. Call 911 immediately, even if you don’t think there is a lot of damage to your car or the one you hit. It’s is important that everyone – drivers and passengers – are checked out by professionals trained in health care.  Just because a person is walking and talking doesn’t mean they haven’t experienced physical trauma. When it comes to car collisions, physical trauma can be masked by adrenaline.

Once you are certain that everyone is being tended to, the next thing you need to do is get your car to a safe place. In some instances you will be able to drive but in others you will need to be towed.  If you need to be towed, it is important that you know your rights.  Since you are paying for the tow, you have the right to ask the driver to tow your car to the car collision repair shop of your choice.

To be sure they are ready for you, call your auto body repair shop right away.  If you don’t have an auto body repair shop – find one quickly by Googling which auto body repair shops closest to you have good reviews for emergency auto repair.  Don’t rely on your insurance company to recommend an auto body shop because they will likely send you to a shop who they work with which could result in short cuts being taken when it comes to your repair.

If you don’t have a repair shop, call Barry’s Auto Body at 718 948-8585.  Let us help you find a car collision repair shop near you.