Wheel Alignment on Staten Island

Did you know that having a proper wheel alignment on Staten Island can prevent major damage to your vehicle, save you money and possibly your life? It’s true. Having your wheels out of alignment can be costly and dangerous. It can cause issues from poor fuel efficiency to difficulty steering. If your wheels are not parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, they will wear unevenly. This can cause tire damage, delayed steering response and damage to the frame of your vehicle. It can even cause you to lose a tire and jeapordize your safety and the safety of others. Barry’s Auto body wants you to be aware of these dangers when consider periodic wheel alignment on Staten Island.

How do you know if you need a wheel alignment? If your steering wheel pulls to the right or left while driving or if you don’t feel a tight grip when you turn, you may need a wheel alignment. And Barry’s Auto Body is the place to go for wheel alignment on Staten Island.

At Barry’s Auto Body, we recommend checking your alignment once a year or as soon as you feel a pull to the right or left when driving. For the best wheel alignment on Staten Island, we use state of the art, Snap-on equipment such as the John Bean V3400 Wheel Alignment System to assess and adjust your misaligned wheels and get you back on the road, quickly and safely.

A proper wheel alignment will improve your vehicle safety by preserving your tires,and taking stress off of your suspension, frame and steering components. Having your wheels out of alignment can lead to a loose suspension which affects your tires response when you steer. This is an issue you want to avoid. Head to Barry’s Auto Body for your wheel alignment on Staten Island.

Barry’s Auto Body is Staten Island’s wheel alignment specialist. Here you will receive a fast, accurate assessment and have your wheels properly aligned in an hour.

Come in today for an estimate and learn how we can prolong the life of your vehicle, promote safety on the road and save you from costly repairs with this important line of preventative maintenance.

Barry’s Auto body is located in the heart of Eltingville, on Staten Island, which makes it easily accessible from anywhere on the island, New Jersey and Brooklyn. Stop in today.

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