Cleaning Your Windshield (Interior)

Anyone driving along New York City streets in winter knows that snow, ice, salt and temperature will fog up your windshield interior to the point where even a defogger isn’t enough to create visibility. That’s why Barry’s Auto Body, eco-friendly Staten Island auto collision repair shop, is releasing a new video about how to clean the interior of your windshield.  The video compliments the previously released, how to clean the exterior of your windshield.

Using household products like steel wool, window cleaner, alcohol and clean shammies, Barry Crupi, owner of Barry’s Auto Body, eco-friendly Staten Island auto collision repair shop, will teach you how to remove dirt, oil and chemicals from the interior of your windshield. 

There are many steps to ensuring that your car is safe for driving. Things like wheel alignment and operational headlights are items that most people think about when they consider auto maintenance, but few think about a clean windshield as a safety measure.

There are drivers out there who totally give up on their cars in winter. They let the salt, soot and grime cover every inch of their car windshield that the wipers don’t reach. This is extremely dangerous because limited visibility along with icy, slushy, pothole filled roads are a recipe for disaster. To keep truly safe while driving in winter, it is important to have a clean windshield inside and out.

A clean interior windshield allows you to see the road stretched ahead of you. In winter it is extremely important because the fluctuation of temperature causes windows to fog up when you least expect it. Using the defogger will remove the fog but it also bakes any oils, chemicals and grime into the glass leaving smudges and specks that can mar your vision until they are properly removed This new video will show you how to get your interior windshield crystal clean which will help you keep safe during winter driving.

At Barry’s Auto Body, eco-friendly Staten Island auto collision repair shop, we want to help make your driving experience safe and enjoyable, that’s why we make videos aimed at helping you take care of your car using easily accessible products. 

Cleaning your auto interior windshield is just one of many helpful videos we have produced. We hope you will watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can receive alerts as new videos are posted.