2018’s Most Dependable SUVs

Buying a vehicle takes time, research and money- so why not choose the most dependable one on the market? J.D. Power surveyed thousands of SUV owners to build a study on vehicle dependability. So what are the characteristics of a dependable car? A dependable car should not have you running back and forth to the repair shop on a regular basis. If you’re experiencing these unplanned breakdowns and costly repairs, even after three years of owning the vehicle, you may have to reconsider your decision. Dependable vehicles should alleviate stress, require little maintenance, and operate efficiently for a long period of time. 

This study, done by J.D . Power, used a “Vehicle Dependability Power Circle Rating,” to judge each vehicle. The scale ranges from 4-5, 5 being considered a highly dependable vehicle after three years of ownership. Below is an alphabetical list of the Most Dependable Small SUV’s from 2015:


  • 2015 Chevrolet Equinox

  • 2015 Chevrolet Trax

  • 2015 Ford Escape

  • 2015 GMC Terrain

  • 2015 Hyundai Tucson

  • 2015 Kia Sportage

  • 2015 Nissan Rogue

  • 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan

Buying a reliable car will save you tons of frustration and money in the future. With more than thirty years of experience in the automobile industry, we have seen many cases in which the cost of car maintenance is almost higher than the vehicle’s value. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, be sure to purchase a dependable car and bring it to a dependable auto body shop- your future self will thank you!