Are you looking for a dependable body shop?

When it comes to fixing your vehicle, you want to know that it is brought to a dependable body shop.  But how do you know that the shop that is fixing your car is the best one?

There are several things you should know if you experience a car accident.  Below is a list of things to keep in mind if you experience a car accident that causes damage to your vehicle.

  1. You have the right to have your car towed to the shop of your choice – most states and cities have a vetting process that tow truck companies must go through in order to be allowed to pick up vehicles on state roads, which means that not every tow truck operator is allowed to pick up vehicles. If you have a car accident on one of these roads and are picked up by an unfamiliar tow truck company, you have the right to have your car towed the auto body shop of your choice. Why? Because you are paying for the service so be sure to ask them to take your car where you want it to be fixed.
  2. Have the auto body shop check out the damage and help you file your insurance claim – many insurance companies want you to take your vehicle to their auto body shops that are enrolled in their direct repair program. Why isn’t this a good idea? Because the insurance companies pre-negotiate what they will pay for certain repair work.  That could mean incomplete repairs if the shop doesn’t go back to the insurance company and request more money to complete the repairs properly.  You pay your insurance premiums to be sure that your car is fixed properly.  Make sure that you get what you paid for by asking lots of questions. A dependable body shop will take the time to work with you when filing your claim.
  3. Look for a shop that is enrolled in “good business” organizations – a shop that belongs to organizations such as Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce and Rotary will likely be a dependable body shop because they are showing that they care about their community. When a body shop cares gives back to the community, it is more likely to care about you – the customer.