Local Collision Repair Shop Erases Gender Gap

A local collision repair shop is demonstrating that the auto repair industry is not just for men anymore.  Barry’s Auto Body in Eltingville, Staten Island, run by the brother sister team of Michelle and Barry Crupi have shattered the image of the traditional male dominated auto repair shop that smells like grease and has pin-up girl posters covering the wall.

Instead, Barry’s Auto Body provides customers with an up-to-date, clean and attractive customer service area where you will be greeted by experienced and knowledgeable team associates who will help you file your insurance claim, create a repair estimate and issue the work order to repair your vehicle.  The shop also has a rental car company on site which allows customers who wish to do so, get into a rental vehicle while their car is being fixed.  Most local collision repair shops don’t offer that type of service.

As customers go through the process of getting their car fixed, they might notice something interesting.  The people who do their vehicle intake, cost estimating and act as liaison to their insurance company are all women.  They have even employed female mechanics throughout their 30 years of existence.

Barry’s Auto Body has always been an equal opportunity employer, which means that they employ the best and the brightest in their industry, regardless of gender.  It just so happens that in this case, the best and the brightest on the front line happen to be women.

If you are looking for an exceptional local collision repair shop that believes in hiring only the best to service their customers, look no further than Barry’s Auto Body in Eltingville, Staten Island. Their team of talented individuals are trained to provide outstanding service in a clean and friendly environment.

You can reach Barry’s Auto Body at 718 948-8585 or visit them on the web at www.BarrysAutoBody.com.