Does your auto body and collision shop warranty their work?

If your auto body and collision shop doesn’t warranty their work you have to ask yourself, what are they hiding?

At Barry’s Auto Body we stand behind all the work we do because we know that after a car accident you need the peace of mind that the repair work done on your vehicle is done right.

Americans spend endless hours in our vehicles shopping, traveling to work and transporting their families to appointments. Knowing that vehicle repairs are done properly and that your vehicle is restored to a safe, operating condition is important because the life of your passengers and other drivers on the road, depends on it.

Providing a written warranty for our auto repair work is just one of the reasons that people choose Barry’s Auto Body over other Staten Island auto collision repair shops.

While insurance companies are doing everything in their power to cut costs so that their bottom line stays healthy, it isn’t surprising that they are steering clients to auto repair shops that cut corners. At Barry’s Auto Body, we fight for the rights of our customers. We will act as a liaison between our clients and their insurance company to ensure that the insurance claim is paid in its entirety. We will never take short cuts or use counterfeit parts that will void your vehicle’s warranty.

When we fix a vehicle, we do it right – not only because our reputation depends on it but because your life, the life of your passengers and the lives of other drivers on the road depends on it.

Trusting your car repair to an auto collision shop that doesn’t back up their work in writing is like purchasing a house without an inspection. You wouldn’t make a large scale purchase without knowing what you are getting – why trust your life and the lives of others to an auto repair shop that doesn’t stand behind their work.

If you have already had your car repaired by a shop and aren’t certain if they performed the repair correctly, call us today at 718 948-8585 to schedule a post repair inspection. Let our expert technicians take a look at the repair. If we see anything that was done incorrectly, we will repair it correctly and bill your insurance company.

Knowing that your car is running safely is important. Let us help you get it done.