Don’t Get Ticketed for a Noisy Muffler

A failing muffler is an absolute nuisance which can make your driving experience extremely uncomfortable.

In most cities, such as New York, having a loud muffler can earn you a fine of more than $200 and, in some cases, points on your license. Why risk an expensive ticket when muffler repair can be done quickly and cheaply at Barry’s Auto Body?

People who bring their vehicle to a muffler repair shop often complain about the hidden pricing and extras they are charged on the way out of the door which is why they tend to put off the repair. At Barry’s Auto Body, muffler repair pricing is completely transparent. We take the time to explain the muffler repair process and the cost associated with it. There are no hidden fees. No last minute extras to surprise you. No high pressure up-selling that will take the repair from a simple fix to something that is more than you intended to spend on the repair. Best of all, our work is warrantied meaning that it will be done right the first time.

Driving around with a faulty exhaust system can be more than just a nuisance. Under certain circumstances, it can become a health risk to you and your passengers if the fumes find their way into the car.

A faulty exhaust system can also reduce your gas mileage, costing your more money to run your vehicle. Muffler problems usually begin with a leak in the exhaust that will actually cause a car to loose back pressure which is part of what a muffler does. Air comes in through air cleaner into engine and the muffler controls the amount of back pressure the engine gets. A lack of back pressure can damage an engine over time.

Why risk tickets, reduced gas mileage, engine damage and health problems from your faulty exhaust system when a quick trip to Barry’s Auto Body can have your muffler repaired and your car running in tip top shape again.

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