Auto Detailing and Collision Repair at Barry’s Auto Body

This past Winter was longer and harsher than normal, and although we can agree that it was hard on schedules, and overall mood, many forget to mention its effect on our CARS. Snow, sleet, and dreaded ice take a tremendous toll on our vehicles. Long winters can cause your car to run less efficiently and look a lot less appealing.

That’s why the experts at Barry’s Auto Body work hard to ensure that their customers’ vehicles are running smoothly and looking pretty. Barry’s Auto Body is a one- stop-shop for all of your auto detailing needs. We offer wash and wax services to keep your vehicle’s exterior, paint and body looking fresh and sleek. In addition, we offer deep and thorough interior cleanings to make sure you feel comfortable and clean on those trips to work/school! If you have gone to an automatic car wash in recent months, you are aware of the various scratches that show up on your car once the job is done. Here at Barry’s, we do all of our auto-detailing services by hand to ensure that your vehicle receives high-quality, risk-free treatment.

In addition to our auto-detailing services, we also replace chipped, cracked, and damaged glass on all makes and models. We will replace your windshields, windows, sunroofs, and mirrors to make sure that you can drive safely and in style. Our services are done quickly and efficiently- it’s our goal to have you in and out of the shop within 30 minutes.

So next time you’re looking to get some auto-detailing done, or want to rejuvenate your vehicle after the long Winter months, give us a call at 718-948-8585 or visit us at 4301 Amboy Road in Staten Island, New York!