Auto Detailing

Barry’s Auto Body offers complete auto detailing in its eco-friendly, Staten Island shop.

Studies show that the average American spends 101 minutes in their car each day. With our busy schedules, it is more likely that some of that time will be spent ordering food at drive through windows and eating in our cars.

57% of Americans use the drive through windows at hamburger establishments. Whether we eat in our cars on the way to our next destination or just transport the food to the house, spills on the carpet and odors in the upholstery are likely to occur. That’s why Barry’s Auto Body offers complete auto detailing, removing stains and spills from the interior of your car to leave it it smelling and looking fresh.

Our auto detailing includes: vacuuming and shampooing interior carpets, seats and trunk; polishing leather, vinyl and wood; clean and polish all glass; wash/shampoo mats, wash and wax of your car’s exterior; scrubbing and polishing hub caps and chrome.

Barry’s Auto Body auto detailing service is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Whether you’re a soccer mom, constantly trying to keep up with ground in dirt and grass from your kid’s cleats, or a busy dad who enjoys working on his own car but just can’t find the time, or the owner of a classic car that requires special attention when it comes to cleaning, Barry’s Auto Body takes pride in our auto detailing services. We painstakingly go over every inch of your car, thoroughly cleaning crevices that a regular car wash misses.

Regular auto detailing is especially important in New York where changes in the weather can be rough on your car’s finish. Road salt, mud, and tar on chrome, paint and carpeting can cause damage over time, making your vehicle look older than it is which negatively effects it value. If you lease your car, or are planning on trading it in for a newer model, a deteriorating finish can cost you more money than if you had paid for regular auto detailing.

Don’t let New York City dirt and grime make your car age prematurely. Call us today at 718 948-8585 to schedule auto detailing.