Automotive Electrical

Automotive electrical systems run many of your vehicles systems, yet it is often left unchecked until something goes wrong. Today’s vehicles are more dependent on electric than ever before. From auto ignition to headlights, to window and seat controls, your automotive electrical system makes things work. Don’t wait until the system fails to have it checked out. Instead, bring your vehicle into Barry’s Auto Body and we will run a diagnostic check on your automotive electrical system.

As manufacturers add features designed to make our car ride more enjoyable, the demand on our automotive electrical system increases. To ensure against vehicle breakdown, it is important to have your battery and wires checked regularly. A properly functioning electrical system will ensure that your car starts properly; that your air conditioning system functions at its optimum level; that your windows, sunroof, radio and other devices designed for your comfort, work properly.

Let’s face it, no time is a good time for a vehicle breakdown, but it’s especially hard when your vehicle doesn’t start on a cold winter night which is the most likely time for an electrical related breakdown to occur. Winter is just around the corner. Why risk the danger of being stranded in the cold when a quick check up can give you peace of mind that your battery and electrical system are functioning properly.

If you have recently experienced an accident and had your car repaired at another shop but do not feel that your vehicle’s electrical system is functioning properly, stop by our shop for a post repair inspection. We will inspect the repair and diagnose any malfunctions you may be experiencing in your electrical system. We will then fix any problems and bill your insurance company as part of the original repair.

As the insured, you pay to have your vehicle fixed properly. Don’t ignore suspected problems with your car’s electrical system. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 718 948-8585.