Auto Repair Inspections

The stress associated with an automobile collision can sometimes cause people to make rash decisions. “I need my car fixed as soon as possible.” “Just get my car back on the road.” These are some common quotes from people in need of a quick fix. Often times, people will bring their vehicle to the nearest, cheapest or quickest repair shop without doing any research. How can you be sure that each and every mechanic in the shop is certified and experienced? Unfortunately, there are many body shops that in the business for the money and are willing to do the minimum amount of work to make a profit. These body shops often leave your car with tons of problems that can put your life and bank account in danger. That’s why Barry’s Auto Body offers free auto repair inspections. 

An auto repair inspection adds a second layer of protection to your vehicle by ensuring that each and every problem has been found and repaired. A large percentage of repaired vehicles have ongoing problems that affect the value and operation. However, many of these problems can only be found with an auto repair inspection because they are not visible to the average driver. Our experienced mechanics are capable of using the most advanced technology to perform post repair inspections and inform our customers of any progressing issues with their automobile. If you have just been in an accident and had your car repaired by a shop you can’t completely trust, bring it to Barry’s Auto Body to ensure that your life is not in danger!