Auto Tips- Holiday Edition

Did you know that December has claimed the No. 1 spot for sales of luxury cars for seven of the past twelve years? That’s right! If you plan on being one of the many to put a giant bow around a vehicle this year, keep reading…


  • When to buy a car during the holidays.


Research has shown that you will save 8.3% off of your next purchase of a car during New Years Eve. What a good start to the year!


  • Make sure you act quickly.


Many dealerships look to get rid of older car models as the year comes to an end. If you are patient enough to wait, you will see a significant drop in price for 2018 models once the 2019 models come out.


  • Research before you go to buy.


You may be very eager and excited to make the deal quickly but don’t go in without knowing all the information to make the right decision. Impulse decisions happen frequently during the holidays, but a purchase this large should not be  rushed.


  • Ask others.


It is never a bad idea to get another person’s opinion. You may be 100% certain that you know what you want but asking friends and family about their experience with a car they lease or own is a great way to make an educated decision.


Some dealerships incentivize customers with cool gift cards or discounts on car accessories. While these small additions seem extremely attractive at the time of purchase, they should not be the reason you buy a car during the holidays. If you, a family member or friend are in the market for a new vehicle, there may be some benefits to making the commitment during the holiday season. One thing’s for sure- the person receiving the gift will likely step their game up when it’s time to buy YOU a present next year!