Ceramic Coating- What is it?

Ceramic coating is the newest and most effective way to protect your car’s paint job. Ceramic coating is a product that protects your car from scratches, uv rays, chemicals, heat, graffiti, AND its water repellent. The vehicles that are perfect for ceramic coating are those with really good paint, driven frequently, and washed often. And don’t forget- we offer top-notch auto detailing services at Barry’s Auto Body and Collision on Staten Island.

Ceramic coating is a protective layer of skin over the car’s paint, but the layer is so thin that it’s clear and invisible to the eye. Since the particles of the coating are so small, it fills the microscopic spacing in between the paint particles instead of dust. When the dust or mud tries to get in those spaces, the coating repels them and keeps your car spotless.

A ceramic coating would cost around $1,500 and would save you around $2,500 over 5 years- which is better than spending $100 –  $300 to get a new wax and wash every couple months. The process of applying this ceramic coating takes only a few days, depending on the condition of your car’s paint. But a few days is nothing compared to the years of protection and money saved when it’s done.

At Barry’s Auto Body and Collision, we are always looking for ways to stay ahead in the industry. Ceramic coating may be available at our auto collision shop in the new year. We use the best equipment and eco-friendly techniques to make sure your car is in the best condition. If you are interested in ceramic coating or have just been in a collision in Staten Island, New York, give your local collision shop a call at (718) 948-8585!