Barry’s Auto Body Names Andrew Lanza as the Community Member of the Month

We here at Barry’s Auto Body are happy to announce that our Community Member of the month for January 2020 is Andrew Lanza!

Andrew Lanza has been a member of the New York State Senate since he was first elected to the position in 2006, and took office in 2007. He is also a lawyer and a former member of the New York City Council.

During his time in government, Andrew Lanza has used his platform in order to stand up for and advocate on behalf of small businesses and small business owners. Very recently, during demonstrations outside of a Staten Island restaurant that had been forced to close down, Lanza was placed into handcuffs and almost arrested for his involvement in standing up for the Island’s small businesses. 

Recently, Senator Lanza was named the Deputy Leader of the New York State Republican Conference. This position elevates his platform even further, and gants him the ability to give a voice to small business owners across the entire state of New York. 

We thank you Senator Lanza for all that you have done for the Staten Island community throughout your career, and for being an advocate on behalf of small businesses owners that are facing difficulties due to COVID-19. Congratulations on being named our Community Member of the Month!