Driving in Different Weather Conditions

Paying attention to the environment around you is essential when driving. While you may be a good driver, you never know what can happen on the road as a result of certain weather conditions. Bad weather can make the road a tricky place to navigate and increase your chances of being an accident. There are many different types of weather conditions that you should be prepared to drive in. For example: 


Rain is one of the most common types of weather that can make driving more dangerous than it usually is. The rain makes the surface of the road wet and slick, decreasing your vehicle’s traction making it easier for you to lose control. Having your car prepared and inspected at our Staten Island Auto Repair Shop can ensure your car’s brakes and tires are prepared to deal with the adverse effects that rain can have on your vehicle. Additionally, rain affects your visibility when driving, so having working windshield wipers and headlights are a must. 


A snowy situation can give even the most experienced driver difficulty. After a snowfall, there may be black ice on the roads, which can cause your car to slip, losing control and likely leading to an accident. It is important not to speed in these conditions as it can be very slippery and unsafe. Your brakes will not be as effective so it’s smart to slow down and approach lights, turns, and other cars with caution. Additionally, if snow is going to be a frequent issue, proper tires for these conditions might be a consideration. 


Another major weather condition that can adversely impact one’s driving would be fog. Fog can visually impair drivers from seeing what’s ahead of them making driving extremely difficult. This type of impairment can be extremely dangerous and thus it is important to proceed cautiously when operating a vehicle in the fog. It is also extremely important to be aware of how these conditions affect other drivers on the road. While you may be able to see fine, someone else may be having difficulty, so heavy caution is advised. Make sure that your fog lights are working as they are supposed to be by stopping in here at Barry’s to have them checked out. 


Sunny weather, while seemingly common and pleasant, can be quite dangerous while driving. When there’s direct sunlight glaring through your windshield, make sure you are invested in a good pair of sunglasses or utilize the sun visor to keep your vision from being obscured.