Barry’s Auto Body- The One-Stop-Shop

When you get in an accident, two things come to mind: the safety of the passengers involved and the physical condition of your vehicle.  Once you have finally determined that you need to get your car fixed, the most common solution is an auto body shop or a mechanic. So what is the difference between the two?

 The largest difference between the two is the area of expertise in which they specialize. Mechanics often deal with the internal (mechanical) elements of your vehicle. Essentially, a mechanic’s main focus is getting your car back on the road. Your AVERAGE auto body shop, can ensure that your car is back on the road safely and take care of its cosmetic and structural elements. If your car has a dent, scratch, or broken window, an auto body shop is the place to visit. In addition, any work that requires a paint job, must be brought to an auto body shop. Most mechanics choose not to take on paint jobs because of the high costs of equipment, training and licences.

BUT we have good news- if you’ve been in an accident you don’t have to make the decision between these two options because Barry’s Auto Body is a one-stop-shop! We offer quality auto repairs including: collision repairs and other body work, brake repairs, glass repair, replacement, diagnostics, wheel alignments, and exhaust system repairs performed by ASE-certified technicians. We also take care of  towing, roadside assistance, frame work, detailing and painting! So come visit us at 4301 Amboy Rd. in Staten Island, NY or call (718) 948-8585!