In-Vehicle Technology

Hand-held and wearable technology have been spreading rapidly in recent  years. The newest wave in the tech world is in-vehicle technology. The average person checks their cell phone 110 times a day. Tech companies and automobile companies are aware of the incredible urge that drivers have to grab their phones while they’re on the road. In-vehicle technology is allowing drivers to continue this cell phone interaction in a safe way. In addition, innovative car features, like GPS and hands-free calling allow drivers to feel more comfortable driving in unfamiliar places. This in-vehicle technology is also improving the passenger experience. Companies like Kia and Ford have begun working on products that will supply passengers with in-car Wi-Fi.


According to IHS Markit forecasts, a strikingly large number of new vehicles will be equipped with telematics by 2022 (87 percent U.S.; 91 percent German; 92 percent U.K.; 89 percent Canadian; and 54 percent of Chinese vehicles). This continued innovation will not only improve the driving experience, but also change the way people shop for vehicles. At Barry’s Auto Body we are excited to learn more about in-vehicle technology and invest in the most technologically advanced equipment to repair the cars of the future!