Barry’s Auto Collision Youtube Channel

If you are a car fanatic, or simply want to learn a little more about that huge investment sitting in your garage, check out some of the videos on our Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair Youtube channel. Our Youtube channel contains multiple ideas and techniques on how to take care of your car such as how to clean, polish, and wax. Other videos on the channel are there for entertainment purposes. For example, the Donna and Vito series highlights some important tips in the auto body industry, while touching on some of Staten Island’s most popular qualities. At Barry’s Auto Body, we are proud to be from Staten Island and have a special place in our hearts for some good-old-fashioned humor!

Not only do we teach you how to detail your car from home, but we also focus on dealing with tow truck companies, replacing car parts, communicating with insurance companies, and more. On this channel, you will also find some videos about our charitable efforts and yearly contests, such as the Kymco Bike and 5 Amazon Echo Dot giveaways in 2017. Our most recent contest is the Make Staten Island Laugh comedian contest that is ending December 31st, You can get more details about the contest, benefits, and rules at Barrysautobody.com.

Lastly, we use Youtube to give customers the opportunity to meet our staff and hear some of the funny stories that have taken place at our shop. We are proud to be serving the auto collision needs of our customers on Staten Island for 30 plus years. Check out our channel and if you like what you see, hit that subscribe button!