Car dent repair

If you are seeking car dent repair in Staten Island, look no further than Barry’s Auto Body.  For more than thirty years, this family owned and operated auto body shop located in Eltingville, Staten Island has been providing expert car dent repair to residents of New York City and New Jersey.

Many auto body shops provide car dent repair, but not every shop can get it right.  Barry’s Auto Body trains their mechanics in the latest in automotive repair techniques and uses state of the art equipment in its every day operations.

Proper car dent repair is an art form.  The repair must be undetectable and should remain so through changing weather conditions.  Oftentimes hasty repairs show themselves by way of spiderweb cracks in the paint due to the body shop not allowing the paint to dry thoroughly between coats.

At Barry’s Auto Body we stand behind our work with a written warranty which is why we take the time to do the job right the first time.

Dents where the paint has not been broken or cracked are eligible for paintless dent repair, a technique where the mechanic manipulates the dent from the underside, using pressure to slowly reshape the dent until it disappears completely.  Using this technique for car dent repair saves time because it only takes a few hours.  It also saves money because it is three to four times cheaper than traditional car dent repair options.

Dents and dings in your vehicle body can make it look prematurely old. For those dents where the paint is chipped or cracked, waiting too long to have it repaired can cause rust to set in making the repair job more difficult later on.

If you are in need of car dent repair, call Barry’s Auto Body today to schedule an appointment 718 948-8585.