A dependable auto body shop you can trust

No time is a good time for your car to break down, but it is especially difficult when it happens in winter.  Freezing temperatures, icy roads and early nightfall are difficult conditions to be stranded in.  That’s why its important to have a dependable auto body shop do preventative maintenance on your vehicle before the cold weather really sets in.

Unfortunately, most people feel that a visit to the mechanic is just as scary as a visit to the dentist because they never know what to expect. Even do-it-yourselfers are a bit intimidated by late model cars that depend on a central computer system to run the various options car dealers provide today. That’s why its so important for anyone who owns a car to have a dependable auto body shop do that can provide them with a complete automotive check up and outstanding vehicle maintenance.

Barry’s Auto Body provides customers with a complete vehicle check up to prepare for the coming winter months. Your check up will include: a complete check of your brakes, tires, hoses, filters, wiper blades, battery and fluids.

Windshield wipers can easily become worn out in winter as they scrape against ice build up on your windshield.  By replacing blades before the first storm, it ensures that your wipers will be able to work properly in a hail or snow.

Icy roads can be dangerous if your tires are worn.  Worn treads can not grip the road resulting in the car slipping and sliding when the brakes are applied.  To ensure that your cars can drive and stop safely in the snow, its important that your tires have enough tread or that you have snow tires put on your car if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow.

If you car isn’t ready for winter, bring it to Barry’s Auto Body, your dependable auto body shop.  Call today for an appointment 718 948-8585.