Cars in Film

The Batmobile, KITT, The Mystery Machine, automobiles have played a huge part in film and TV for decades and have been underappreciated for some time. Some would say cars help define the character of the person driving it. In the case of pop culture, that is usually the case.

In the case of Disney Pixar’s 2006 film “Cars”, the personality of the car and look of the car are one in the same. The protagonist Lightning McQueen who is noble and heroic displays a strong red color, sharp and pristine. In 1964 ‘Goldfinger’, James Bond sported an Aston Martin DB5 and defined James Bond as a suave, seductive man with the style of the vehicle. You got a sense of what the man truly desired and the standards he upheld, all from the vehicle he drove.

In 1985, ‘Back to the Future’ showcased a rather unique, futuristic vehicle, a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, giving the audience a sense of adventure and curiosity when introduced to the character Doc Brown. And of course, who can forget 1994’s “Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd, played by Jim Carrey and Harry, played by Jeff Daniels both cruised around in a fur-covered Mutt Cutts van that certainly defined them as a duo who didn’t have a full deck of cards on hand.

Regardless of what you drive, remember when looking for a car, that vehicles can sometimes portray character. It could be the first time your meeting someone on a date or even a business meeting; people always tend to form an opinion based on the car you drive. Often times it is unintentional and simply habitual. We get our first impressions from appearance as humans and this is no different.

What are some famous vehicles you remember from TV and Film? Comment Below!