Common Types of Collision Damage

There are many types of collision damage that are seen every single day in the United States. Knowing the most common types of collision will help you prevent accidents and understand the repair process.

The most common collision damage to the front of your vehicle takes place on the front bumper. This is not much of a surprise because the bumper’s main purpose is to absorb impact in the case of an accident; without a bumper, car collisions would do severe damage to crucial parts of your vehicle. The back bumper has the exact same function and is one of the most commonly damaged areas. A crack in your bumper is especially important to get repaired because it can expand and move to other parts of the car.

The fender and headlights are prone to collision damage because they are less durable than the front and back bumpers. Head-on collisions often result in damage to the car grille, which represents about 20% of all collision damages.

Thanks to modern day technology, we are able to repair these collision damages quickly and efficiently. One of the most useful techniques used by our experts is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This process that takes care of dents without going through many traditional dent repair steps such as body filling, sanding and paint refinishing. Interested in seeing if your car is eligible for Paintless Dent Repair? Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate. We can tell you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and give you an estimated time/price before moving forward!