The Effects Of Car Collision

Unfortunately, car collisions have become so common that we’ve begun to neglect or forget the severe and dangerous effects that come along with them. About 1% of the United States population (over three million people) will suffer from a car collision injury in any given year. A large bulk of these victims are left with post traumatic stress disorder, depression or anxiety. If you have ever been in a car collision, you know how scary and shocking it can be. The emotional stress from these collisions can sometimes lead to a fear of driving.

The greatest problem with car collision stress lies in the solution. After an accident, people are often more concerned with the physical harm than the psychological harm. The first instinct of many victims is to seek care from their primary care physicians and neglect the emotional stress. However, those who do not receive psychological treatment are more likely to deal with the effects six months or even a year later. Behavior therapy, cognitive therapy and various types of medication are the most common treatments used for car collision PTSD.

If you have been in an accident, it is extremely important to speak to a variety of different doctors and specialists so that you can stay completely informed about the effects and get on the path of complete recovery. At Barry’s Auto Body, we are most concerned with the health of the driver- don’t take car collision lightly!