Dent repair should be done immediately to avoid further damage

If you are seeking a body shop for expert dent repair, look no further than Barry’s Auto Body.

Dings and dents can make your car appear old even if it is brand new. Yet many drivers choose to ride around in a marred vehicle rather than seek dent repair, especially if the blemish isn’t impacting the vehicle’s performance.

Driving around in a vehicle that needs dent repair is like walking around with a hole in your shoe.  Your foot may seem protected and usable, but when you step the wrong way, rain, snow and sleet seeps through.  The same is true for a dented car.  It may seem like a small that won’t cause further damage, but as the weather changes, rain and snow can seep into the cracked paint to begin eroding the metal beneath.  Once a vehicle gets rusty, it spreads swiftly, destroying the vehicle’s integrity and causing unsightly blemishes.  Paint will flake off to expose rust spots leaving the vehicle even more vulnerable.

Leaving a dent unrepaired will overtime become a very costly proposition because once the metal gets rusty, repair options are limited to fillers and replacement parts.

People allow dents to go unrepaired for a variety of reasons, but most often it is due to the cost.  What they don’t understand is that it is better to pay a small price early than a much larger price when the car begins to rust.

At Barry’s Auto Body we employ a low cost, time saving technique known as “paintless dent repair”.  This technique uses heat and pressure to work out the dent from the underside without compromising the paint then we polish it to a solid finish to protect the metal beneath.

Paintless dent repair is just one of several time and money saving auto body techniques performed by our expert technicians.  Call us today at 718 948-8585 to schedule an appointment.