Direct Repair Shop- What You Need to Know

Direct repair shops are popping up all over the island and it’s important that you know what they’re all about. These body shops have work in contracts with insurance companies to repair vehicles at a set price. While this may seem harmless, there are many reasons why visiting these direct repair shops is NOT in your best interest. The biggest problem with these shops is that they are not working for you- they are working for the insurance company. If you are in need of automotive repair services, why not go to a shop that truly cares for you and your vehicle?  Technicians and staff members at direct repair shops are working for a guaranteed amount of money and are often hesitant to do any extra work that will cost the shop money and time.


If you find yourself at a direct repair shop after having called your insurance company, it is not too late. At Barry’s Auto Body, we offer FREE post repair inspections to any customer that has had their car repaired by another body shop. These post repair inspections will not only ensure that your car has been completely repaired but also save you time and money going forward. If a direct repair shop did a shoddy job, the life of you and any passenger in the vehicle could be at risk. Bring your car to our shop, where every staff member is working hard for the customer and not the insurance company! Call today at (718)-948-5858 or visit us at 4301 Amboy Road, Staten Island, New York.