Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Did you know that April was National Distracted Driving Awareness Month? In the automobile industry, we work hard to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and find ways to prevent it- not just once a year, but on a DAILY basis.

Distracted driving has been a problem since the invention of the automobile. However, the massive influx of technology has changed the root of the problem and possible solutions.

Joe Plattenburg, a Data Scientist for Root Insurance Company, found that “80 percent of American adults admit to having used their phone while driving.” He also found that the same 80 percent will say that if they were in a taxi or an Uber they would actually ask to get out of the vehicle if the driver were using their phone.”

These drivers recognize the danger in using the phone and will admittedly scold others for doing so. But why don’t they stop themselves?

Research shows that our addiction to social media and technology is directly related to the presence of dopamine, a neurochemical, in various parts of the brain. Dopamine gives us the desire to seek instant gratification and has been constantly connected to addictive gambling, drinking, and eating. It seems that mini-achievements like Facebook Likes, text messages or phone calls, have become so important to our confidence that they distract us from our safety.

These distractions have caused thousands of injuries and deaths in recent decades. It is time to change the way we use technology on the road. The National Safety Council has started the “Just Drive” Campaign to put an end to this dangerous addiction. Share this article and use the hashtag #JustDrive to save a life!