Tips on how to wax your vehicle properly

Tips from Barry’s Auto Body ** ( More tips and you tube video @ Barrysautobody.com)

Applying wax to your automobile to help keep your car looking in excellent condition. A car that is waxed and kept in good condition can add to the resale of the car if you would choose to sell it at some point. It is easy to wax an automobile also. Read on for some instructions how to Properly wax your vehicle. A good wax job is not difficult. It just takes a time and patience. Once you have completed the following instructions, you will have a finely waxed automobile that you can be proud of. *** All products mentioned are sold at local auto parts stores.***

(1) When waxing an automobile you want to do the following:

– Wash and dry your automobile thoroughly. (this is by far the most important tip !!!) dry all edges, cracks and crevices of your vehicle. Under moldings, mirrors and handles ect… Clean all normal debri with ** non ammonia ** based soap and then all tree saps or left over debri with a wax and grease remover sold at your local auto parts store.

(2) Apply thin coats.

Waxing is a process where ** less is better** . Apply small thin ** overlaying ** coats in a small circular motion (1 car panel at a time). Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to how long to let the wax set up before starting the buffing process. & Be patient and use clean ** wax pads ** to apply.

– To remove wax from you car use a high grade Microfiber detailing cloths which does not leave lint behind during the buffing&removal process.

-You can also use a orbital buffer to apply wax to and buff it off of your vehicle.

-If you are using an orbital buffer, you will want to apply the wax to the buffer’s pads, not directly to the car.

-When beginning to add the wax to the car, place the buffer onto the car’s surface so that the buffer does not send the wax flying off the pad and into the air.Waxing your car is not something to rush. Take your time, follow the steps, and when completed you will have the wax job that others envy. Extra tips From Barrys Auto Body-always clean your rags, cloths, sponges ect before using them on your car to avoid scratching your car… and if you cloth falls on the floor clean it thoroughly and dry it- do not cheap out on products. You don’t have to buy the most expensive but always buy the best (Maguire, Mothers, Presta and Turtle waxes are always safe bets)- wash bottom edges of car and Clean under wheel openings as wellMore tips and you tube videos @ Barrysautobody.com