Environmentally friendly auto body repair

When it comes to auto body repair, going green should matter.  Why? Because typical auto body repair shops use chemicals that are high in volatile organic complexes that can harm the environment.

The auto body repair industry has come a long way over the last decade.  Automobiles are made using lighter, fiber glass material and are designed to reduce drag in order to gain fuel efficiency.  As auto makers provide us with better options to reduce our carbon footprint, manufacturers are developing ways to repair those vehicles with durable and affordable environmentally friendly products.

From paints to fillers to wax and cleaners, green automotive repair products are becoming increasingly more available.  That is good news for the auto body industry and even better news for future generations.

So, how do you know if your repair shop is using environmentally friendly products when they repair your vehicle?  Simply ask.

Most body shops will continue to use toxic chemicals in their everyday operations because they have grown accustomed to the product and are reluctant to switch.  But as a society, it is our responsibility to change the way business is done. Everywhere you look, eco-friendly products are available.  They even make waterless car wash fluid.  So why not do your part to protect the environment by asking your auto body shop to use non-toxic products in the repair of your car?

Some people worry that eco-friendly products aren’t as durable as chemical based products.  The truth is that low VOC products perform just as well as traditional products when used correctly.

So the next time you bring your car in for detailing or service, look for an auto body shop that uses non-toxic products in their daily operations.  Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.