How post repair inspection on your car can save your life

You may wonder what post repair inspection is and why it is so important when it comes to auto repair. Post repair inspection is when an auto collision shop inspects the repair work done on a vehicle by a different repair shop after an accident. The reason it is important to have a post repair inspection is because these days insurance companies are pressuring their clients to use one of their direct repair shops to have their car fixed.

The problem with using the insurance company’s direct repair shop is that, often times, these shops are more focused on pleasing the insurance company than they are at doing all the work necessary to fix your vehicle correctly.

You may wonder why an auto collision shop would skimp on the work needed to fix your vehicle. The answer is that in order for a collision shop to become a “preferred” shop, it must work with the insurance company to keep the cost of repairs down. That means that, even though you pay your premiums each month to insure that your car will be fixed completely following an accident, the insurance company would prefer to pay out as little as possible on your claim so they set fixed prices for repairs which the direct repair shop has to agree to. If for some reason the cost of repair is greater than the agreed upon price, the collision shop has no way of recovering that cost except for cutting corners on the repair.

Barry’s Auto Body offers drivers who have been in an accident and had their car repaired at an insurance company’s direct repair shop a free post repair inspection to be certain that the car was fixed right. Our post repair inspection will go over all aspects of the repair to be sure that the right parts were used and that all the required repair work was completed correctly. If during our post repair inspection we find anything that was missing or repaired improperly, we will make the proper repair and bill your insurance company.

Over the years our post repair inspection has uncovered repairs that used counterfeit parts that could have voided the car’s warranties; incomplete repairs which left the driver and passengers in vulnerable to injury if the car experienced another accident and improper repairs that could have caused an accident if left unrepaired.

Everyday Americans experience car accidents. To ensure that your car is running properly and is functioning safely after it was repaired by an insurance company’s direct repair shop, call us today to schedule a post repair inspection. 718 948-8585.