How to fix a car dent without using an auto body shop

So you want to fix your car dent without bringing it to the auto body shop?  There are a few ways that you can go about it.  Just remember that trying to fix a dent yourself may cause more damage and cost you more than if you brought it to an auto body shop in the first place.

Now that we go the disclaimer out of the way – here are some techniques that professionals use for paintless dent repair.

Some dents are more easily repaired than others. For dents in plastic bumpers, some can be fixed by using a regular household plunger.  Simply dip the plunger lightly in water than place it over the dent.  Be sure to make a good seal between the plunger and the bumper.  Lightly plunge the area then pull slowly.  You should hear the pop as the dent rights itself.

Another way to fix the dent is to use heat from a regular hair dryer and canned compressed air.  Use the blow dryer to heat up the area surrounding the dent.  Let the hot air linger for several minutes then blow the compressed air over the dent.  The hot air makes the metal around the dent expand and the cold air will make it contract. The contraction should pop the dent out.

Lastly, you can use a specialty tool made to help do it yourselfers fix dents. Simoniz Pops-a-Dent kit sells for under $30 and has received mixed reviews.  It is uses pressure both downward and upward at the same time to pop the dent out.  It looks complicated but it isn’t. The most difficult part is making a good connection with the car metal or plastic where the dent is.

If you have exhausted all your DIY options but the dent is not fully gone, bring your car to a professional auto body shop.  Call us at 718 948-8585 to schedule an appointment.