Spring is in the Air – Time for Automobile Detailing

Spring on Staten Island means lots of things. The start of Little League, Soccer and Basketball.  Charity walks, picnic and Mother’s Day.  It is also the time of year for seasonal rain showers that keep the ground muddy and wet, causing people to track dirt into the house.  As if that isn’t bad enough, soon there will be a fine layer of pollen dust covering everything.

Spring is the time of year when people usually do a deep and thorough cleaning of their home to get ready for the summer ahead.  If having a clean house is good, having a clean car will be even better.

Bring your car to Barry’s Auto Body for a professional car wash and automobile detailing. We will have the dirt, pollen and dust cleaned off your car in no time. We use environmentally safe products to thoroughly clean your car’s surface then we polish every inch to a mirror like shine.

We will thoroughly clean the grime and debris left by winter winds out of every crevice of your car – including the ledge of your trunk and beneath the hood where dead leaves and seed pods tend to gather.  Our professional car wash and automobile detailing includes shampooing all rugs and mats, deep cleaning leather and thoroughly vacuuming all upholstery.

No one wants to drive around in a dirty car.  When your car is clean, you actually feel better driving it.  Why put off cleaning your car when a professional car wash and auto detailing can be done while you wait?

Start the season off right – call us today at 718 948-8585. Schedule an appointment to have your car detailed and we will check your fluids for free.  Barry’s Auto Body is Staten Island’s only Eco-Friendly automotive repair shop.