How to know if you have a dependable mechanic


According to experts, a large percentage of the driving public are unknowingly operating unsafe vehicles due to collision repair defects.  That is because they don’t consider whether the auto body shop they choose employs a dependable mechanic.  Auto body work is very different from mechanical repair work.  That is why it is important that the shop you choose has trained and experienced mechanics in their employ.

Experts warn that if a car is repaired improperly, it could contribute to the level of injuries sustained in a subsequent collision especially if the prior repair had to do with structural components of the vehicle.

Improper collision repair is the norm rather than the exception. That’s because most repair shop don’t employ dependable mechanics and knowledgeable technicians.  An important part of auto body repair is to understand where the damage is and what needs to be done to prevent further damage in the event of another collision. This is especially important in a repair involving frame straightening. If this work isn’t done properly, the frame will bend more easily at the repair point, possibly causing further injury to passengers at the next impact.

The difference between auto body repair and mechanical repair is that auto body repair is a craft, done to make sure the car is restored to look and ride correctly. Mechanical repair requires precise procedures to be followed so that the engine runs properly.

Most times, a car that has experienced a car accident will require both types of repair so it is important to know that the shop you choose to bring your car to can service both with the same level of perfection.

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