Donna & Vito Are Back and Funnier Than Ever

Several months ago Barry’s Auto Body released the first in a series of hilarious videos geared toward educating the consumer about auto body repair.

The first installment of the “I Gotta Guy” series introduced us to Donna & Vito, a Staten Island couple who found themselves in need of auto repair after a car accident.  Vito walks into his kitchen to find Donna on the phone talking to a friend.  He demands that Donna hang up the phone and explain why the family car was missing a bumper.  Vito is visibly upset but Donna calmly explains that she has a guy who does auto body repair.

That’s when Barry pops in, telling the couple that he can have the vehicle looking good as new in no time.

The video was an instant success as evidenced by the many messages received from fans wanting to know if there would be a sequel.  The answer is – there is a sequel and you can see it right here on our website or on our YouTube channel.

“You’re Talking to Who?” is a tongue in cheek parody of State Farm Insurance commercial – “State of Unrest” when a wife walks in on her husband asking Jake for an insurance quote at 3 in the morning.

Vito is on the phone talking to the insurance company. The conversation sounds a bit salacious. Donna walks in and barks, “Vito – Are you talking to the insurance company?”

A startled and confused Vito confesses that he is and…(watch the video to see what happens next).

The script was written to educate drivers about the proper way to report a car accident to the insurance company and how to protect themselves against incomplete repair work.

Donna, Vito and Barry (along with a cameo appearance by Michelle, co-owner of Barry’s Auto Body) are the only people who can make auto body repair fun.

We hope you find watching the video as much fun as we had making it – and remember – if you have a car accident, call Barry’s Auto Body first (718) 948-8585.