It’s Time to Call Bullshit on Dirty Auto Collision Repair Shops

Let’s keep it real – when you think about auto body shops you think of grime stained garages where workers in dirty coveralls rifle through piles of greasy tools they use to fix your car – don’t you? That’s because most auto collision shops look that way which is why people don’t always trust them. Face it – if the owner of your auto body shop doesn’t take pride in what the place looks like do you think s/he really cares about your car? Sure it will get fixed. Some may even put those nice paper mats down so the workers dirty boots don’t mess up your entire carpet. But you will be stuck in a dirty waiting room with cold coffee (if you’re lucky) and a restroom that you wouldn’t use even if your life depended on it.

Most people think that when it comes to auto collision repair shops that is as good as it gets. I call “bullshit” on that.

At Barry’s Auto Body we take pride in our work and it shows. Our shop is clean – from the waiting room to the repair bays. Our technicians are knowledgeable and courteous and our staff is trained to help you deal with the hassle of negotiating with your insurance company so you won’t have to.

Today’s cars come equipped with so many devices to keep drivers safe. From detecting objects behind you when you are backing up to applying the brakes when you get too close to another vehicle. But even with the best technology, car accidents happen. Instead of dreading having to deal with your auto collision repair shop, why not choose one that treats you like a human instead of a number.

Barry’s Auto Body believes that customers deserve five star customer service no matter what type of car they drive, that’s why we take the time every day to clean our shop from top to bottom. Don’t believe it? Give us a try. Pop in one day to check out our shop located on Amboy Road in the Eltingville section of Staten Island. Once you do you will be wondering why you ever brought your car anywhere else.

Best of all, Barry’s Auto Body is Staten Island’s only eco-friendly auto collision repair shop. We care about the environment and believe that it is our duty to do everything we can to preserve it for future generations.

Why does clean matter? Because a clean auto collision repair shop is an organized shop which means that repairs are done efficiently in a nice environment where people enjoy coming to work.

Why does green matter? Because even the cleanest cars add pollution to our environment. We don’t need to compound that by using toxic products for auto collision repairs.

At Barry’s Auto Body we put our customers first and it shows in the quality of the work we do.

It’s time to call “bullshit” on dirty repair shops. Come to Barry’s Auto Body and experience the difference.

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