Maintaining Your Car Using Environmentally Friendly Products

Barry's Auto Body Eco Friendly Logo

We here at Barry’s Auto Body understand that you as a driver want to do what is best for your vehicle, and we want that as well. As a Staten Island auto body repair shop, it is our responsibility to provide the services that we do to not only ensure that our customers are satisfied and can safely get back on the road, but also to do our part to contribute to the public safety of our entire community as well. Therefore, we here at Barry’s are proud to offer environmentally conscious and sustainable auto body services to all of our customers. 

In order to be able to act in an environmentally conscious manner, we here at Barry’s have made the decision to utilize Glasurit 90 line Water Borne Products. Glasurit is a company that offers this line of high quality, lower environmentally impacting products that can be used for auto repairs such as paints, cleaners, and clear coat finishes. The Glasurit 90 line Water Borne Products utilize less packaging and are so effective that smaller quantities of their products are required in order to get the job done, allowing time and money to be saved all around, and for the negative impact had on the environment by utilizing these products to be minimized. If you would like to read more about the kinds of Glasurit products that we here at Barry’s Auto Body utilize, you can do so here

Here at Barry’s, we pride ourselves on the work that we can do for and the positive impact that we can have on the community. This is why utilizing environmentally sustainable products, while still being able to provide the high-quality service that has come to be expected of us, is so important to us. Our hope is that we can all start making conscious decisions to work together for a brighter future, so that we can continue to be of service to the customers and community that we love.