When you need a dent doctor call Barry

Dings and dents to your vehicle is a normal part of life when you live in a crowded city. Those dings and dents can make your car look much older than it is. Instead of ignoring the damage to your cars exterior, bring it to the “dent doctor” at Barry’s Auto Body.

Barry’s Auto Body has been serving Staten Island for more than 30 years. They have perfected the art of automotive restoration and repair and they do it all in a clean, eco-friendly shop conveniently located on Amboy Road in Staten Island.

Barry’s Auto Body warranties all the work they do, providing their customers with peace of mind that their vehicle was repaired properly.

One of the many reasons that Barry is known as the “dent doctor” is because he offers paintless dent repair – a process for eliminating dents without the use of body filling, sanding and paint refinishing. This eco-friendly dent repair process uses less material and takes less time yet yields the same flawless results as traditional dent repair methods.

Not every dent can be fixed using paintless dent repair. The process is dependent on the flexibility of your cars paint; whether the area where the dent occurred is flat or curved; how deep the dent is and the extent of the metal’s stretch.

Newer vehicles are painted with a refined paint that works well for paintless dent repair, but the dent will still need to be inspected to be sure that there is no stretch damage present.

Here are five reasons drivers choose to bring their vehicle to the “dent doctor” for paintless dent repair services:

  • PDR saves money;
  • Keeps the vehicle’s paint intact;
  • Our technicians are ASE certified to provide professional results;
  • PDR is covered by most major auto insurance companies;
  • PDR can be used on both aluminum and steel panels;

PDR is best used on dents that are about the size of a quarter and are not very deep. We use specialized tools to push the dent out from the underside. We apply pressure to restore the vehicles appearance.

Call the “dent doctor” at 718 948-8585 to schedule an appointment to see if your vehicle is eligible for paintless dent repair.