Car Parts Info-graphic

Today’s automobiles are extremely sophisticated. Back up lights and warning signals; automatic braking to avoid accidents; engine kill switches to avoid vehicle theft. All of these functions are meant to keep us safe and our vehicle free from theft or accident. With added functions, come added car parts which can become worn out with time. In the event that you need car parts replaced, it is important that you speak to your automotive repair expert to verify that the replacement car parts s/he is using are factory certified.

Most people want to save money on vehicle repair so they may ask the mechanic to use rebuilt car parts instead of new. Using rebuilt car parts are acceptable as long as they are factory certified. Unfortunately, there are automotive repair shops that use counterfeit parts in vehicle repair. Using counterfeit parts can void your vehicle’s warranty and can negatively impact vehicle performance.

When choosing an automotive repair shop be sure to ask if they provide a written warranty for the repair. A quality repair shop will always stand behind its work.