Post Repair Inspections on Staten Island

Hello everyone it’s Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair. Today we are going to be focusing on post repair inspections: what are they, why they are important, and how they can help you to avoid bad repair jobs.  We strongly suggest that all vehicles that have been involved in a collision or have undergone repairs have a Post Repair Inspection done to ensure that the repairs were done the right way. During the inspection, a qualified third party reviews the repair work that has been conducted and the parts that were used in order to reassure the driver that their vehicle is safe to drive.

Post Repair Inspections provide an additional level of safety that can help to save money, time, and ultimately lives. Now that insurance companies are encouraging Direct Repair Programs, auto shops are being assessed on the speed at which they work, and the cost of the repairs, causing many shops to rush and utilize low quality parts. It has been found that up to 60% of all vehicles that have been repaired have later been reported for faulty work that not only affected the car’s performance, but also the safety of the passengers. Here at Barry’s Auto Body, we offer FREE Post Repair Inspections, and as a facility we are recognized and certified with factory training from almost 20 manufacturers. So come in anytime if you need to be sure your repairs were done just right and to have a consultation with one of our many experts.

At Barry’s Auto Body, we are proud to announce that we have completed our first radio commercial! It focuses on Post Repair Inspections and Bad Repairs. We would like to encourage anyone to give us their feedback on the jingle or on any part of the commercial.

Don’t forget to come in for a free inspection and, as always, drive safe.