Auto Body Painting Services at Barry’s Auto Body

Hello everybody, its Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair in Staten Island NY. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the importance of hiring experts to perform an auto body paint job in the wake of a collision.

Automotive collisions can be very scary and overwhelming, especially if you have never been in one before. The process of dealing with mechanics and insurance companies can be a lot to handle. After a collision, it is extremely important to find the correct team to repair your car and execute a perfect paint job. For many people, repainting their car after a collision falls toward the bottom of the priority list, which is understandable, but not going to a professional for a paint job can cause the headache of collision to last for months. Small imperfections in the paint can diminish the value of the car and cost you money when it’s time to sell or return the lease. For this reason, Barry’s Auto Body, in Staten Island NY, makes collision repair and auto paint jobs quick, efficient and professional for each and every customer. We take your vehicle through a sixteen step body paint process to ensure that we remove any visible signs of damage and get your car looking good as new! So if you are looking for collision repair in Staten Island NY, or you’d like to get your car painted, visit us at 4301 Amboy Rd or call us at (718) 948-8585.