Preparing Your Car for a Driving Vacation

This Summer, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have had their Summer vacation plans thrown for a loop or all together cancelled or postponed. Traveling has become more restricted than ever before and plans to do so must be done much more carefully and safely than they have been in the past. Travelers have become more wary of modes of transportation such as flying, where they are exposed to a greater number of people, and therefore more at risk for contracting the virus. Therefore, if choosing to make the decision to travel, many people are opting to drive to their destination, rather than risk utilizing some form of public or mass transportation. 

While driving is currently the safest form of transportation that somebody can choose to utilize, there are many things that drivers should look out for before choosing to set out on a road trip. Any vehicle that is going to be utilized on one of these driving vacations should receive a full inspection beforehand. It is crucial that you make sure that your vehicle is operating smoothly before choosing to rely on it to take you on a long-distance trip. This includes but is not limited to changing your oil and your filter, checking your spare tire, keeping tools such as a tire iron and a jack on hand, and checking your vehicle’s fluids and having extra fluids at the ready. And who better to get your car road trip ready than the team here at Barry’s Auto Body, your trusted Staten Island auto body repair shop? To learn more about how you can prepare your vehicle for an extended road trip, you can read about our preventative maintenance package here

In addition to making sure that your vehicle is capable of making such a road trip, it is important for all travelers to take precautions in regard to Coronavirus as well. Before hitting the road, make sure that your car is equipped with plenty of masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer to help ensure that we can all stay safe when making the decision to travel.