How Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair Facility is trying to help stop the spread of the CoronaVirus. (COVID-19)

We at Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair Facility have decided to implement a few extra precautionary policies to help our staff and our community during this tragic time.

Here is what we are doing around our auto repair shop to keep everyone safe.

  1. We have decided to dedicate 1 – 2 employees daily to clean, scrub and disinfect the entire office at Barry’s Auto Body and Repair Facility. We use Lysol along with many other soaps and de-greasers.
  2. For the Month of March. We are offering free interior and exterior car washes. To all UgiCare and hospital Doctors and Nurses in Staten Island NY. (Must show ID.)
  3. All our employees are instructed to wear gloves, masks and long sleeves at our auto repair facility.
  4. All office employees are instructed to wash their hands and change their gloves after every automotive customer interaction.
  5. Office employees are instructed to clean hands before they put their gloves on.
  6. Our employees are sanitizing all the tools they use before working on any vehicles.
  7. Any car or truck that is repaired. Will be washed down before automotive repairs are started. The vehicle will also be washed and detailed. Inside and Out before we return it to a customer.
  8. We will be respectful of all our clients personal space. We require that our clients be respectful of ours during this difficult time as well. Sorry no handshakes.

As an essential service, we understand that Doctors, Nurses, Emt, Police, Fdny and many other government workers. All need their vehicles repaired in order to get around during this pandemic.

These are just some of the things we have decided to do. To help our staff and our auto collision repair customers to stay mobile and safe. We will continue to do these things until we do not see any further need.