Removing a Scratch from Your Car

Staten Island has a population of nearly five hundred thousand people living within fifty eight square miles and more than half those people own cars. That’s right – there are two hundred and sixty thousand cars on Staten Island. With so many cars in such little space, it’s inevitable that at some time or another your car’s paint finish will get scratched.

Paint scratches can occur from a careless driver opening his or her door; an unattended shopping cart sailing across a parking lot or road debris being kicked up by car tires. No matter how paint scratches occurs, one thing is for certain, left unattended paint scratches become unsightly and accelerate body corrosion.

The automotive industry offers a host of products for do it yourself scratch repair. As with all products some work and some don’t. Even if a product is great, if applied by someone who is not familiar with what s/he is doing, the do it yourself repair could wind up doing more damage than good ending up in a more costly repair than if you had the scratch repaired by an automotive professional.

Since 1985 Barry’s Auto Body has been providing customers with top notch paint refinishing work at a fair price. We stand behind all of our work which is why customers keep coming back to us for all their automotive needs.

This video will walk you through our process of removing a scratch from your car. This step by step process will help you understand why having your paint restored by a professional is the best way to protect your car from further damage.