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You Don’t Have to Invest in a New Car to Go Green
America is going more “green” everyday and it’s about time. From water saving devices to place on your faucets to photovoltaic arrays on the roofs of homes, society is focused on reducing our carbon footprint.

Barry’s Auto Body is proud to be part of the “green” movement. We are the only eco-friendly auto body shop on Staten Island. As such, we wanted to offer this helpful tip on how to go green without investing in a hybrid car.

Even though gas prices have fallen, it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to preserve our planet’s natural resources. Conserving gas is an important step towards protecting our planet for future generations. While auto makers are busy developing new variations of cleaner, greener cars, we want you to know that you can save gas by simply changing your driving habits.

The following are driving tips that will help save the environment as well as save you the cost of a new hybrid car. All were tested by Edmunds.com and all achieve greater than 10% gas savings in standard vehicles.

Stop driving like a maniac – by driving at a steady speed and avoiding excessive breaking, you can achieve up to 37% gas savings in a standard vehicle. This will also save wear and tear on your brakes, tire and engine.

Drive the speed limit – by driving the speed limit you can achieve 14% savings in a standard vehicle. This will also keep you safe and free from speeding tickets.
Use cruise control – using cruise control will help you achieve up to 14% savings in a standard vehicle because it avoids erratic speed differentials and reduces the need to brake. This will help you save wear and tear on your brakes, tires and engine and help you to avoid speeding tickets.

Avoid excessive idling – avoiding idling will achieve up to 19% gas savings in a standard vehicle. It also protects the environment by reducing gas emissions.
If you follow these simple tips, you will save gas, reduce emissions and keep your car running better longer. You don’t need a new hybrid car to go “green” – you just need to fine tune your driving habits.