Scratch Repair at Your Local Staten Island Body Shop

Having scratches on your car is one of the most common and frustrating issues for a vehicle owner. Scratches can come from anywhere – thorny plants, driving off road, shopping carts in parking lots or even from minor accidents with other vehicles. 

It’s obvious that scratches are not very aesthetically pleasing and the thought of having an ugly mark on your expensive toy is quite daunting. With that said, most people STILL feel as if they do not need to touch up their vehicle’s scratches because they are “not causing any real damage” to the vehicle. However, this is not necessarily the case. Scratches, if left unfixed, can lead to rusting on your vehicle. With rust, comes more problems with your vehicle’s paint job. Not only could this be extremely harmful to your day to day use of the car, but it could also severely damage the resale value, a factor that is very important to many drivers. 

Here at your local Staten Island body shop, we utilize a 9-step scratch removal process that has been tested and proven over the course of 30+ years. This process and equipment allows for the removal of any imperfections on your vehicle. Our experts can turn your car from blemished to beautiful in no time at all! Curious about how we go about removing any and all scratches from your car? Check out our YouTube video to learn more about the process and why you should trust Barry’s Auto Body with your car troubles!