Shampoo Interior Service at Barry’s Auto Body

Hello everyone it’s Barry from Barry’s Auto Body in Staten Island, NY. A little while back, I posted a blog that explained the best ways to wash and clean a car’s exterior. Today, we are going to switch things up and talk about cleaning your car’s interior.

Before we begin, it is important to mention that there are many different kinds of interiors, and each one has its own specific maintenance requirements. For example, if you have a leather interior, it is much easier to clean, and less likely to get stained. However, a leather interior is expensive, and can require more long-term maintenance. Cloth interior is a cheaper option that require less maintenance, but can be much harder to clean, as they absorb stains from spillage. Different cars have different shape seats and interiors; some of these variables may affect the cleaning process/strategy. No matter what material interior you have, Barry’s Auto Body in Staten Island NY, will get it looking good as new with our Interior Shampoo Service!

When you bring your car into Barry’s to get your interior shampooed, we perform a 10-step process that includes vacuuming, shampooing, steaming, and drying. Our cleaners are safe for both cloth and leather interiors alike, and will help get your car’s whole interior, from the seats to the dashboard, looking beautiful. This care and attention-to-detail is what helps make Barry’s the best Auto Body Shop in Staten Island, NY. If you are interested in these services, call us at (718) 948-8585!