Barry’s Auto Body Launches New YouTube Channel

Hey everyone, this is Barry from Barry’s Auto Body and Collision Repair. In today’s blog, I am happy to announce the remodeling and revamping of the Barry’s Auto Body Youtube channel! As some of you may know, four years ago we launched a YouTube channel to inform our customers about car care and the automotive industry. After looking into some of YouTube’s newest features and speaking with our subscribers, we made the decision to take our channel to the next level.

The shop’s vision is to make our channel the go-to resource for car fanatics, customers, body shop owners and those in need of a quick and easy explanation to the industry’s toughest questions. Our channel will feature educational, informational, and entertaining content, all having to do with cars and car repairs. Barry’s Auto Body Shop, in Staten Island, wants to provide viewers with the opportunity to learn something new and share ideas with friends, and family. 

We recently launched a video called “How To Apply A Ceramic Coating To Your Car – Car Brite Black Pearl Ceramic Coat.” In this video, we unbox one of the hottest products on the market and demonstrate the application process on a Range Rover. Part two, will be coming out in July; be sure to tune in and find out if applying a ceramic coat is worth doing to your car. In 2019, we will be releasing FOUR MORE product comparison videos. These videos will teach viewers about the best car products on the market and how to use them properly. We hope these videos will show that we are not just a body shop in Staten Island, we are experts in car care and repair. We want to share all of our knowledge and experience with the YouTube World. 

SUBSCRIBE NOW: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5fvhA8pk-obSyAaDy-sMw