Signs that you need engine repair

The need for engine repair should never be put off because your engine is the heart of your car. Today’s cars have lots of technology built right in to make our lives easier.  That technology is great for the driver and passengers who want a smooth, comfortable ride.  New cars offer more than cruise control and back up cameras. They now offer: parking assistance; driving assistance; cell phone charging; video technology and so much more.  But none of these great features can work properly if your engine isn’t running right.

Here are a few signs that your car needs engine repair:

Check Engine Light – The more advanced your car is, the more likely it will be able to notify you when you need repairs and maintenance.  Some cars have a light with a little oil can icon; some will show a message upon start up that you need to bring your car in for repair or service.  Do not ignore these messages.  Just because you think your car is running right, doesn’t mean that it is.  Paying attention to the notifications will keep you safe from a break down at a later time.

Noise – If you hear a knocking sound or a “whirring” noise while driving or putting your car in gear, this is a sign that you are in need of engine repair. Don’t ignore it or hope it will go away.  Get your car to a mechanic right away.

Smell – If you smell a foreign odor while driving or idling, this is a sign that something isn’t right with your car.  Don’t take any chances. Call your mechanic right away and get the engine checked.  Driving around with a malfunctioning engine, even if the car seems to be running okay, can do irreparable damage to the vehicle.

Loss of Power – If your car seems to be losing power even when you are pressing the gas pedal, you are in need of engine repair.  Call your mechanic immediately.