Do you need an auto repair inspection?

If you experienced a car accident and had your vehicle repaired but it doesn’t feel like it is running correctly, you may want to bring it to a different shop for an auto repair inspection.

Simply put, an auto repair inspection – or – post repair inspection – is when a different repair shop takes a look at the work that was done to fix your vehicle to make sure that it was done correctly.

Since every repair shop handles jobs differently, it makes sense for someone who wasn’t involved in a repair to have a look if you feel your vehicle isn’t performing properly.  Why? Because human perception is different from person to person and the approach they take towards repairing a vehicle will also be different.

Having an auto repair inspection by a different auto body shop will help you ascertain if a problem was undetected and therefore left unrepaired.  Or, if the repair that was done didn’t use the correct parts which sometimes happens.

Let’s face facts, in today’s world, everyone wants to save money.  Insurance companies have implemented direct repair programs as a way to save money.  These insurance companies negotiate repair costs ahead of time with certain body shops then steer their clients to those body shops to have the work done.  Unfortunately, those shops sometimes use cheaper, counterfeit parts to make the repair so that they make more money.  Counterfeit parts are different than “after market parts” because counterfeit parts are parts that may fit, but are not sanctioned by the manufacturer. After market parts are used parts that have been refurbished and have been approved by the manufacturer.

Why is it important to have the parts approved by the vehicle manufacturer? Because if they aren’t approved it may void your vehicle warranty.

To be sure that your vehicle was fixed properly, bring it in to an auto repair shop that will provide you with a free auto repair inspection. If the first shop didn’t complete the repair properly or if they used the wrong parts, the new shop can fix your car properly and your insurance company will pay for it.