Staten Island Collision Repair Questions Answered

We recently opened up our blog to questions from people who were in need of Staten Island collision repair. The following are questions and answers that may be helpful to others.

  1. Q) I had a car accident and when I called my insurance company they told me it would be cheaper if I went to one of their auto body shop for repairs because it would save money but I still had to pay my deductible. Why didn’t I save money? Mary – Eltingville
  2. A) Mary, insurance companies contract with direct repair shops so that THEY can save money – not the insured. How THEY save money is by setting prices in advance of the repair then paying the agreed upon price so the shop has very little wiggle room in the event that the repair costs more. That’s when things get hairy.  If your car damage requires more work to repair than what was contracted, the shop may skimp on paint, or parts.  If you had your car repaired but do not feel that it was done correctly, bring your car in for a post repair inspection so that we can take a look at the repair and fix it at no cost to you.
  3. Q) My husband said that he read an article about dents being repaired without the need for repainting. Does such a thing exist? Rose – Tottenville
  4. A) Yes Rose. It is a technique known as paintless dent repair and it works best on small dings and dents that are no larger than a quarter. As a busy Staten Island collision repair shop, we have used this technique often. We heat up the area surrounding the dent then pull out the dimple without cracking the paint. After buffing the repair is not detectable.  Not every dent can be fixed that way but for those that can, the process can be completed while you wait.
  5. Q) Do eco-friendly products work as well as traditional products in auto body repair? Charles – Rosebank
  6. A) Yes Charles. Today’s eco-friendly automotive products stand up to traditional products and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you aren’t polluting the environment. If you are in need of auto body repair or service and your shop doesn’t use eco-friendly products, find one that does. Automotive repair shops can be hard on the environment.  Do your part to preserve the earth’s resources for future generations by choosing your Staten Island collision repair shop wisely.